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Rebalance your back

Discover the Dorn method to rebalance your back

Do you have back pain? This can be due to lack of sleep or due to working in a seated position all day long. Dorn therapy is a method of rebalancing your spine that consists of re-aligning the vertebrae and joints, repositioning the pelvis and correcting functional disorders of the spine using light pressure. Indeed, the Dorn method allows the vertebrae to regain their original position with the help of lateral pressure on the spinous or transverse processes. Rebalancing your back helps to protect the ligaments, muscles, and tendons of the spine.

Re-aligning with Dorn therapy

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The benefits of rebalancing your back

Rebalancing has a real impact on the performance of your employees !

  • Provides instant relief from discomfort
  • Physical and mental regeneration
  • Motivation
  • What are the conditions to perform rebalancing of the back at work?

    You need to provide a lounge where up to 9 people per day will receive a massage. People wishing to have a treatment will need to reserve their time slot for a better organization.
  • How long does this treamtment last?

    Dorn treatment in the workplace lasts 45 minutes.
  • How much does Dorn treatment cost?

    It costs CHF 100.

Rebalancing your back

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